Creating a design out of something with historical and symbolic prominance that is representative of Holland and making it functional within the mundane daily life at home or offices is our main intent for this project. I came upon the simple and straightforward idea of the ‘Windmill’, the undeniably Dutch symbol and fused the idea with the ‘sticky tape’, a commonplace item that can be found in most homes and offices.

Simple and lucid, rational yet functional with a sense of humor. This is what I see and like about Dutch Design.
‘Using tape rotates the Windmill’
The Windmill has been serving an important function of discharging water from the lands, yet on another hand, the Windmill seen in a landscape seems to portray a peacful and idyllic pastoral imagery contrasting the technologically influenced contemporary environment. And when a person attempts to take some tape, this very simple and mundane action inevitably makes the ‘WINDY’ rotate. An unexpected, surprising, amusing and humorous outcome from a simple action. An experience as such seems to be in consonance with Dutch Design.

The basic colors of ‘WINDY’, red, white and blue are the colors of both the Dutch and American flags. And with the intention of bringing the two national symbols together in harmony, there are 50 stars on the blue windmill blades, representative of the American flag.
I had the opportunity to travel to Holland as well as America when I was a student. Both travel experiences had been precious and proiminant learning experiences for me, which is also what made me especially interested in participating in this contest.