Two Feet

One of the very first collaborative exhibition we did in Singapore. The main feature is a large patterned wall standing on two legs. On this wall are intricately cut wooden patterns that make it look like it has been wall-papered as well as multiple little ‘hooks’ in the shape of ribbon heads hand carved in wood. On the back of this wall is an attached bench-like object that enables the wall to stand on two legs. This whimsical ‘Two Legged Wall-Bench’ has a dark brown rug as its ‘shadow’ in front of it.

On the other side of the gallery space quietly stands a long bench that is crafted in multiple layers of wooden planks. On its sides are a few tunnel-like holes carved in. This ‘Tunnel Bench’ also looks like it is standing on two legs. A similar pattern to the wood cut patterns on the Two Legged Wall-Bench’ is hand painted here onto the adjacent wall above this ‘tunnel’ bench.

  • year: 2007
  • shown at: wheelock gallery, singapore
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