In the realm of Nature itself, there exist a great variety of elements that are similar in forms and shapes. We think of this as a form of self-similarity. In the process of design work, we have been greatly inspired by the distinctive elements of plants, marine creatures and other living creatures in Nature.

Self-similarity in a way bestows a sense of affluence to the manner we recognize and experience the object. And it is due to this characteristic, that we feel and sense rhthym and harmony in forms whether as a portion of an object or a whole. The gap between this characteristic of self-similarity and the cognitive experience we get proposes a number of options to us during the design process.

For example, in thinking about the design of a rose, a flower has a form that is abstract but when we see a flower, we get an almost immediate understanding of the kind of flower it is by its form. However, when it comes to just one petal, we somehow are not as sharp, and to express that one single petal would seem rather difficult.

Then again, when we look at it on a larger scale of designing an entire field of roses, we can picture a scenery of flowers appearing here and there amidst the randomly growing stems and leave. In the designing process, it is this sensibility of scale and perspective, as well as the complexity of forms that constantly changes the way we perceive and experience the object.

In this project, our design concept revolves around the idea of such a field of flowers rather than a singular stem of a symbolic flower.

For the design, we have chosen to work with rhombus shaped units, as we think they create a greater sense of directional properties than triangular units. These similarly shaped units coalesce as an assemblage and each unit at various positions on the circular structure of the necklace is made to adopt a slightly different size. The rhombus shaped units in their gradually changing dimensions form a dynamic composition when seen as a whole, creating a comfortable and rhthymic pattern that projects a different impression and style when a different portion of the necklace is worn on the front. Each chain link shifts in response to the body surface, allowing the necklace to fit onto the body like a piece of clothing.

‘Gregarious’, as the name of the necklace implies, a clustering of units, like flowers in the field or creatures in their herds. Each unit is similar yet different, just as each animal in a herd or flock is of a similar species, but is different in various ways. Together as a cluster, they move and create a dynamism like no other.