Drawing Circus

An art installation that is created by literally ‘drawing, painting and sculpting’ in space and specifically for the particular space. The process involves building a wall partition that covers the entire arch at the back of the space where a hole is created and an oversize black ribbon ‘sticks’ out toward the middle of the space. ‘Shadows’ are painted on the concrete floor with plaster-mixed paints, on which little sculptural compositions are placed. The wall, the floor, the entire space is made to interact with all the tiny sculptural components. So when viewers enter the space to look at the work, they are as if walking within a drawing.

Small drawings that ‘documents’ the process of thoughts and making of this installation are displayed on one side of the wall with laser-cut wooden frames. Interaction is a main aspect in thinking about all the elements in this work. And because all the visual vocabulary in the work seems familiar yet ambiguous in identity, the entire composition creates an intriguing dreamy landscape.

  • year: 2010
  • shown at: sculpture square, singapore
Use the mousewheel to zoom on a focal point

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