project circosis rings

In Nature, all animals and plants, even if of the same species and family, have shapes and characteristics that are slightly different and unique from one another. This project came about with an idea inspired by the said ‘slight difference’.
The name ‘Circosis’ refers to a ‘design flow’ in which a variety of unique and ‘slightly’ different ring designs are created within the process where our Circus Ring design is gradually transformed into a basic Spherical design
Currently, there are 36 unique designs created in Circosis. For each design, the size and quantity of stripes, the angle and roundness are slightly different from one another, such that each design has its very own unique characteristic and style. Below is an image of all 36 variations of ring designs.
To view the video documentation of the process in which Circosis is being produced, please click here.
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  • Date: 11/01/2012
  • Categories: special design project