Charm of Bay

A permanent public artwork made for a subway station, ‘Telok Ayer Station’, in Singapore. Unlike the typical art projects for subway stations, this work comprises of not only the art work on the walls but also the pillars and floor of the entire concourse space.

On the walls are graphic designs in vibrant colored abstract shapes inspired by natural landscapes. Three pillars in the middle of the space are cladded to become brown rounded forms reminiscent of boulders in rivers. The floor is tiled with varied rounded shapes of granite tiles in different tones and textured finishing. These shapes on the floor represent the shadows of the images on the wall as well as the large brown pillars at the center of the space, giving the space and its components an imaginary depth and three dimensionality.

The idea, that centered around the imagery of natural coastal landscapes, is inspired by the history of the place ‘Telok Ayer’, which was once a bay area that has been reclaimed and become a central district in Singapore.

  • opened to public in 2013
  • site: concourse of subway station, ‘telok ayer’, singapore
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