Welcome to Atelier Monocircus

Here's sharing with you our works that traverse diverse fields between art and design.

About Us

MONOCIRCUS is a design studio where we think and execute our ideas, and through our online store, http://monocircus.com, we share, exhibit and sell our works mainly in the form of fashion accessories. Founded and run by two of us, Kazunori Takeishi (kazu), a qualified Japanese architect and Lim Shing Ee (shing), a Singaporean artist, MONOCIRCUS is where we never hold back our creative juices and are constantly working on ideas and creating 'things' in a diversity of genres from accessories to products, to art and architecture. 'Atelier MONOCIRCUS' is where we hope to showcase and share with you the varied range of works we have been doing. We truly hope you will enjoy what you see. And if you have an interest to have us work on something for you, be it a tiny object, a small painting, a shop, a home or just an idea, we are more than happy to help, so do feel free to drop us a line!